Breitling Superocean replica watches uk HÉRITAGE II

Breitling superocean replica culture series once launched is a great success, and in 2017 is about to celebrate the occasion of the 60th anniversary celebration, but also usher in a new look, designed for modern explorers born. A new design to become the series of unique style, pure design and full of the best interpretation of the dynamic.

In 1957, Breitling fake launched the first superocean professional diving watch will quickly get the favor of early amateur diving enthusiasts. Since then Breitling has launched a series of unparalleled high-performance diving replica watches uk. Today, the superocean culture series completely retains the style of the prototype table, with a unique classic appearance and cutting-edge technology, a model of the brand.
In the depth of the 60th anniversary of the advent of the pioneer of the deep sea expedition, Breitling replica uk retains its unique personality while injecting new vitality into this classic watch series. It is worth noting that: the new bezel design with stainless steel with a very strong anti-draw anti-shock high-tech ceramic bezel scale ring, removed the original minute circle around the metal ring to the existing ring and decorated with a classic brand logo The same color dial perfect fusion. Styles unique pointer (triangle hour, diamond-shaped minute hand) and slightly tapered time scale, all with the 1957 watch the same strain, luminous mark to ensure an excellent read performance.

Super Ocean Culture Series second generation of 42 and 46 mm table diameter of the two watches and a 46 mm table chronograph watch, a total of three colors: black, blue and copper brown to choose from, the latter can be Matching the series dedicated new color leather – rubber strap, with hit color sewing sewing, a great sense of design. In addition to leather, crocodile skin and rubber strap, all watches can be used with the legendary watch with the 1957 section of the stainless steel braided bracelet.

Performance, the superocean culture series of the second generation to retain all the heaven into the land, the technical quality of deep sea expedition. Superocean culture second generation 46 chronograph watch equipped with the Swiss official Observatory certification (COSC) automatic chronograph movement. Superocean culture second generation 42 watch and 46 watch is equipped with the same by the Swiss official Observatory certification (COSC) homemade B20 movement. This high-precision automatic winding movement is extremely strong, power storage up to 70 hours, Tudor Tudor self-produced MT5612-type movement, unique workmanship, is the two sides recently developed a cheap replica watches brand mechanical movement design and manufacturing technology masterpiece.
Rugged stainless steel case with screw-in crown, waterproof performance of 200 meters. One-way ratchet-type rotating bezel is equipped with luminous mark at 12 o’clock, 120 teeth designed to take a very precise adjustment and smooth rotation control, so that you can view the diving time or other various timing operations (especially in the air Activities in the use of) can easily go into battle, is undoubtedly the spirit of the deep sea adventure of the new interpretation.

【Technical Parameters】
(Super Ocean culture second generation 42 watch & 46 watch)
Movement: self-made B20 movement, the Swiss official Observatory certification (COSC), automatic winding, 28,800 times per hour high wobble, 28 gemstone bearings; power storage for more than 70 hours; calendar display.
Case: stainless steel; waterproof performance of 200 meters; screw-in crown: one-way ratchet rotary bezel; curved sapphire crystal, double-sided anti-glare treatment; diameter: 42 and 46 mm.
Dial: volcanic black, dark gun blue, cloud silver, copper brown.
Strap / Strap: Leather strap, crocodile leather strap, Aero Classic rubber strap, Ocean Racer rubber strap, cowhide rubber strap or Ocean Classic metal bracelet.
(Superocean culture second generation 46 chronograph watch)
Movement: 100 Breitling replcia watches 13 movement, the Swiss official Observatory certification (COSC), automatic winding, 28,800 times per hour high wobble, 25 gemstone bearings; timing accuracy of 1/4 seconds, with 30 minutes and 12 hours cumulative time Calendar display.
Case: stainless steel; waterproof performance of 200 meters; screw-in crown: one-way ratchet rotary bezel; curved sapphire crystal, double-sided anti-glare treatment; diameter: 46 mm.
Dial: volcano black, sailor blue, brown brown.
Strap / Strap: Leather strap, crocodile leather strap, Aero Classic rubber strap, Ocean Racer rubber strap, cowhide rubber strap or Ocean Classic metal bracelet.

Panerai replica Radiomir 1940 series of moving dual time zone watch

Since 1940, the Panerai RADIOMIR 1940 series began its timepiece creation. Although the design is often innovative, but the pillow case, the apparent design of the ear and the crown and other series of classic elements has continued, forming the most attractive features of this series. Pei fans are brand and large, and the type of Pei Fan children are deeply attracted, born with the soldiers tough guy style and can not stop. In the design of unique, created a legendary era belonging to Panerai replica. This year, the new RADIOMIR 1940 series re-set sail, heritage brand series of traditional features, to meet the modern men’s aesthetic trends, to create this only type of Panerai Radiomir 1940 series of moving dual time zone watch. (Watch model: PAM00658)

Classic heritage, the era of innovation

The first Panerai RADIOMIR 1940 watch
In 1940, the Italian Royal Navy brought a new challenge to the Panerai Sea: it must be able to withstand the longest test of the worst conditions underwater. This means that the watch must have a strong anti-fatigue. Based on this requirement, a new watch came into being, that is the first Panerai RADIOMIR 1940 watch. One casting and reinforcement of the two ear brand technology, fully meet the military demand for Panerai watch manufacturing. The Panerai Radiomir 1940 series of dynamic dual-zone watch case design, is faithfully presented Panerai fake uk  in the 1940s for the Italian Navy commando designed this classic watch.

Brand series classic design case

Watch case display
45mm AISI 316L stainless steel case, showing the atmosphere and type of men’s charm. Inheritance brand classic pillow case, for the watch to add a brand unique charm. After polishing it, showing a clear color of pure steel bright colors, looks very attractive.

Watch dial show
Using black ruled embossed decorative dial, not only beautify the dial and with the case side by side, highlight the overall beauty of the cheap replica watches. Another date display, small seconds and power storage display function and black dial to form a strong color, whether in normal light or dark night, still clear and easy to read.

Watch luminous effect display
Large rod-like and digital time-scale surface coverage Super-LumiNova® luminous coating, even in a dark environment can also watch the watch time and other display. Yingying green embellishment dial, in the night issued a dream light, very beautiful.

Watch crown display
Polished steel material crown, smooth lines, beautiful and generous. Using non-slip texture design, feel good is not slippery, to protect the fake watches uk precision debugging. Crowned on the crown of the Panerai classic logo, full of brand atmosphere.

Simple, smooth debugging operation

Watch function board display
5 at the time of the dynamic display is to distinguish it with the PAM00628 the most important features of the fine type of it also has two very practical device design: First, the first device to pull out the crown can stop the balance wheel , And the second hand to zero. Second, the second device can adjust the local time, the control clock to the hour and time to adjust independently, without interfering with the minute hand or affect the watch operation, and can automatically adjust the date.

Watch movement show
Watch with back through the design, through the sapphire crystal glass can clearly see the movement of the operation, add spectacular. Equipped with P.4000 self-winding mechanical movement based on the development of P.4002 movement, with eccentric pendulum Tuo can swing two-way, with two connected barrel, to ensure that power storage for up to three days. In addition, the new movement has a unique device, so that the adjustment time can be suspended balance wheel, to ensure accurate time. And equipped with double support the balance wheel plywood to make it more stable. Watch has a 72-hour power reserve with a 100-meter waterproof rating, show excellence and extraordinary watchmaking process.

Watch strap display
Watch with a brown leather strap, soft texture, wear more comfortable. Strap to connect a stainless steel needle clasp, to protect the replica watches uk in the wrist safe, not easy to fall.

Watch the overall display
Summary: As a story, there are values ​​and range of Fan Haihai replica watches uk one of the classic money, it also has the most charming charm of the brand. Is the classic elements of the city and the tough combination of military tough style. The improvement of the movement, making the type of its rich content, showing the most unique modern men’s attraction.

Breitling replica Athletic team fantasy combination

Young French pilot Mika Brageot Driving the appearance of a beautiful high-performance aircraft “Skyracer”, for the first time on behalf of Breitling Athletic team participated in the Red Bull Stunt World Championship Masters (Masters) level of competition. The new generation of Breitling replica athletic team officially set sail.

The British ace pilot, Nigel Lamb, was honored in 2016 after representing the 100-year-old tournament on behalf of Breitling replica watch and winning the 2014 Red Bull Air Race World Championship title. After his departure, Mika Brageot from France will take over his position and lead the Breitling replica uk Athletic Team to continue the campaign.

Mika Brageot was born in 1987 and is the youngest pilots of the French stunt flight team ever. As a result of his outstanding performance in France, Europe and the International Flying Contest, his ranking in the stunt pilots rose quickly. In 2014, he was selected to participate in the Red Bull Air Race Challenger Cup and won the title in the second season. In 2016, he was elected to participate in a new sponsorship program, and become Nigel Lamb’s “high school”, through the program, he constantly sophisticated in their own high-speed low-level competition in the field of skills.

In addition to training outside the teacher, Mika Brageot the driving is that he was driving in 2016 many times NigelLamb high-performance aircraft. As a commemoration of the new starting point, this MXS-R aircraft was renamed “Skyracer”, and after the overall painting, the fuselage highlights the original, bold, military design inspiration, whether in the air or on the ground, Can make people shines. The aircraft set “retro” and “old” style in one, the fuselage and the wing with rust, so that this aircraft with cutting-edge technology seems to need to dress up some. This unconventional way of expression from another side to pay tribute to Breitling brand spirit. At the top of the fuselage, the great Breitling fake brand logo extends from one end of the wing to the other end, and there is an oversized wing logo at the bottom of the wing, so that the world’s major thrilling events can be ensured from all angles Showing the best visual effect.

Mika Brageot and his MXS-R “Skyracer”: two new stars rising in the Red Bull Storm World Championship.