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Known as “Air computers” reputation of Breitling replica watches since 1884 from the initial set up only for the production of pocket watches luminous watch and chronograph function with military production to the later has been focused on the production of aviation chronograph watch, once more Boeing large aircraft manufacturers, Douglas and Lockheed to provide precise and reliable cockpit timer. Its products have significant features through years of constant evolution, not only to meet the needs of aviation, marine and other areas of expertise but also to people watch everyday wear to bring a new element of design and style. Today I bring to you is the famous aviation Breitling chronograph series Breitling Navitimer watch 01 to 1902.


Breitling Aviation chronograph watch movement 01 Comment :

This watch uses a self-developed famous Breitling Breitling 01 movement, Breitling watches the pursuit of quality is very demanding and strive to achieve a watch each accurate travel time, durable quality. So the movement developed and manufactured more focus and attention, not only by this Cal.01 movement Breitling own quality inspection system is certified by the Swiss official Observatory (COSC), is not only a self-winding movement, but it can also provide up to 70 hours of power reserve and 30 meters waterproof features, enough to cope with everyday applications.


Breitling Navitimer replica watches 01 Appearance Comment :

If you are obsessed with large dial and watch with complex functions, then this is right for you and then watch enough. This watch has a large dial 43 mm, large black dial with three small white dials echoes, a black and white color contrast gives a visual impact on the small red second hand and upgraded version of the 18K gold Breitling wings logo became the crowning touch to the dial, to calm the black dial has brought vitality and upgrades, and to facilitate the reading.


Breitling  Navitimer  01 watch

Double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal glass and can be accurate to a quarter of a second red second hand, to meet the harsh environment and the angle when reading, always grasp the accuracy of time.

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Stainless steel case with rotating outer ring thickness or have some. This watch does not use Transparent bottom of the table, instead of using a stainless steel seal bottom of the table. Folding clasp emblazoned with Breitling LOGO, identifies that this is a tried and tested watch.

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The other side there are Breitling English spelling and date of establishment, it is time to remind people from having a 128-year history and focus on the complex chronograph manufacturers. The perfect fusion of stainless steel case and bracelet lugs together, if you can not reach out and touch it is not experience its beauty, it is so smooth and comfort when worn, unforgettable. Bottom of the table inside of the cheap replica watches engraved with numbers and also in the inside of the bracelet engraved with numbers.
From this perspective, this bracelet looks so smooth and smooth, which is edited in a variety of products currently evaluating the deepest impression on a bracelet, is really very beautiful. Non-screw crown printed Breitling LOGO, and from this point you can see the overall thickness of the case. Overall, not very thick, the thickness of the IWC 14 mm compared to the previous, this is acceptable.

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By rotating outer ring can be achieved Breitling famous flying slider feature flying slider but it features many of the ancient revamped to make it more convenient to use, that is, by relative rotation of the inner and outer rings of two marks to perform simple multiplication and division, and thus derived from a number of flight practical functions, such as average speed, flight distance, fuel consumption, rate of climb or descent, in terms of kilometers and nautical miles or the like, as well as daily life related calculations such as simple currency converter and so on.

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Upgraded version of the Breitling wings logo and red second hand on the big dial undoubtedly become the most dazzling logo, played the role of drawing Long point clear for the dial adds more vitality. Not only on the big dial chronograph subdial, and date display.
When sharp sword-shaped hands coated with luminous paint, in a dark environment can also be easily read in the back I’ll show you what this watch luminous effect. An annular flying slider scale dial, various combinations can provide more computing capabilities.

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And finally to enjoy the luminous effect link, this watch does not look like a lot of the Rolex and Panerai is so luminous coating dispensing, but still allows you to accurately distinguish the time in a dark environment, this is a Breitling design it. Since the fourteenth century since the invention of the mechanical clock, the watch industry after several years of development we have not only had a simple timing functions, in addition to having a beautiful appearance, or when the precise characteristics of rugged go outside, people want to be able to be more practical features to help people better work or life, Breitling done that focus on aviation and maritime research innovation constantly watch the launch watch some useful functions, like this today introduced an annular flight watch slider function on aviation personnel has been the favorite, of course, we wear is a very good watch, cukuang shape design and accurate travel time functions let you put it down.

Breitling Navitimer replica watches 46

Breitling Navitimer replica watches 46

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Breitling Chrono aviation ushered in a new large-diameter table watches – Breitling air time 46 black steel watch: a new table black jersey, double timer dial, black oscillating weight, and follow the example of the aircraft tire tread pattern band, all make it Zoran outstanding, eye-catching.
Aviation Breitling Chrono watch (Navitimer) since in 1952, he won the pilots and aviation enthusiasts of all ages and sought after. Today, this classic series pushed the new black watch: The satin matte black high strength-carbonized steel case, black can handle all types of air navigation required for flight operations famous annular slider.

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However, the original novel, the only bright spot of fresh cool and very modern technological sense of appearance is not air time 46 black steel watch. And has three silver chronograph dial classic watches are different, which is only two and watch timer dial the same color – small seconds dial at 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock 30 minutes cumulative timer. Overall dial just as pure precision dashboard it on the silver chassis built by extremely fine “par épargne” technology made while chronograph with central seconds dial pointer with bright bright red, but also reinforced this trait.
This watch is a high-performance “engine” is to have the Swiss official Observatory certified (COSC) Breitling 01 self-movement, through the transparent sapphire case back, black pendulum Tuo glance.

Black case and dial with solid texture, comfortable to wear new rubber strap – just like aircraft tire tread pattern design, further highlights the qualities of this watch aviation. From now on, all aviation Breitling Chronograph watches are optional this new strap. Legends, classic forever.

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In the course of recent months, the Breitling Replica has experienced support operations, especially for erosion issues. The many hours of work additionally included applying another paint work highlighting a rich blue line emphasizing its streamlined profile. The “Star of Switzerland” is presently prepared to take off once more.
The plane was formally introduced on April 30th in Lahr, operating at a profit Forest locale of Germany, before delegates of the press and visitors of the brand, and in the organization of fourfold Olympic ski-hopping champion and “back up parent” of the Breitling Replica Watches, Simon Ammann. Amid the function, Ammann displayed the “Super Constellation Flyers Association” with a check for 200,000 Swiss Francs for the benefit of Breitling Replica UK in backing of the attempts to protect this verifiable air ship. breitling_aerospace_560
The brand is likewise dispatching a restricted version of its incredible Navitimer avionics chronograph, the offer of which will support another Breitling Replica Watches Uk for the affiliation. Issued in a constrained keep running of 1,049 – in tribute to the Lockheed L-1049 – this instrument for experts bears the engraving Cheap Breitling Navitimer Replica on its dial, and in addition a brilliant B, formed like the 1950s logo, an introductory additionally reverberated on the plane’s three back stabilizers. The caseback is engraved with the specialized particulars of the Cheap Breitling and also its outline showing up.