In June, the sun began burning this piece of forest of steel. When you get stuck on a satellite map steaming in taupe, and tell the phone to vibrate when Zhou Zha cicadas, began to dream that if a cool blue crystal of the world? Dive deep, to explore the unknown, natural and ultimately professional diving Breitling watch company.
Began in 1957, professional and military divers specially designed diving watches, Breitling Super Ocean watches (Superocean) After half a century, always leading watchmaking technology excels, often lasting new. In 2012, several new diving watch for the Super Ocean series to inject fresh vitality, the perfect blend of performance and unusual novel and unique aesthetic design, will undoubtedly become a new generation to carry the tripod Breitling dive watch, with your wind and waves, fascinating tour of the ocean.

Breitling SuperOcean replica  World Time watch white Special Editionc


This summer, Breitling launched a new “white” version of the watch diving trips. Super Ocean World Time watch white Special Edition (Superocean GMT White Edition), the new white dynamic and elegant appearance: the dial and bezel using glacier-like pure white, while with steel numerals, Smart refined; exclusive white Superocean GMT rubber strap, even more than the sporty elegance. White edition watch is still inherited the outstanding performance Breitling dive watch: mounting by the Swiss official Observatory certified (COSC) self-winding mechanical movement, the use of screw-in crown and side reinforcement means crown, water resistance of 500 meters ; while both travel watch features: white dial and the inner bevel scale bidirectional rotating bezel equipped with 24 hours scale, with red triangular pointer, you can easily indicate the second and third time zone, legible, super practical. White like a mermaid from the deep sea, as if wearing wrist shuttle Bitou clear waters, elegant Smart, cool and elegant, is the new favorite for all diving and travel enthusiasts and fashion.

Breitling Super Ocean watch Orange Limited Edition 42


Want to swim cool seabed, they can not let go of passion dazzling summer sun? Breitling Super Ocean watch 42 launched a new limited edition orange, passion intake hyun summer and modern urban elements, bold fiery bright orange, give this professional diving watch vibrant vivid personality Appearance: orange inner bevel scale , chronograph hand, calendar display box, Superocean logo and a special leather orange table side, as if to escape the sun, just the right sprinkle black dial, bezel and strap, it will be just a fiery passion ignited. Especially the new Superocean leather strap Super Ocean, the specially treated leather has excellent waterproof performance, but also the perfect watch with the same color, like orange extending on both sides of the bright sun, the release of the wrist most extreme passion. Orange Edition limited edition of 2000, with the wristwatch can also choose yellow, blue, red, silver, black and other colors.
Breitling Super Ocean watch Orange Limited Edition 42 also has excellent diving performance: solid stainless steel case, slip-way ratchet rotating bezel, screw-in crown queen, crown reinforcing device side, the safety relief valve , exceptional water resistance depth of 1500 m; mounted by the Swiss official Observatory (COSC) certified self-winding mechanical movement, accurate and reliable; when large super luminous pointer and scale standard, thick double-sided anti-glare treated sapphire crystal clear readable. As if the summer sun through the water between the layers is irradiated wrist, it is the best partner with you swim the deep sea.

Breitling Super Ocean Chronograph M2000


No light in the darkness of the deep sea, when hanging by a thread, security is paramount, legibility and functionality does not allow the slightest mistake, more latent deep one centimeter more than a second win would mean a new victory. Breitling cutting-edge technology and excellent quality and strong will of the perfect integration, beyond the imagination once again, breaking the limit, launched the world’s first underwater depth limit of 2000 meters the precise timing of the watch, a new underwater depth record timing. Breitling Super Ocean Chronograph M2000 (Superocean Chronograph M2000), when the timing is ashamed of dive king!
Normally when you watch the underwater may not transfer, but can not control the timing function. Super Ocean Chronograph M2000 thanks to Breitling patented magnetic button device wearer via the inner metal case for timing operation by magnetic buttons, there is no need to worry about the case of water seepage under strong pressure; at the same time a 4 mm thick sapphire crystal watch ensures exceptional performance of the firm, to enable it to 2000 meters underwater at unbelievably precise timing control function; equipped with safety valves, watch to ensure safe and reliable; equipped with precision quartz movement ten times beyond the standard the SuperQuartzTM super quartz movement, by the Swiss official Observatory certified (COSC), the timing accuracy of 1/10 of a second, while retrograde pointer can provide split time function. Breitling superior extreme performance show exquisite Swiss watchmaking.
With breathtaking performance, while Super Ocean Chronograph M2000 also has a fascinating dynamic appearance. A touch of passion over the red volcanic black dial, three annular cumulative timer like Smart brilliant precision instrument panel, can not be overlooked. Choose the same color with the new Superocean leather strap, fiery passion will surround the flow in the wrist. The watch also blue, green, black and other color options. This summer, so this dazzling dive timing of the king, you listen to the seabed control fun for you to record each time a non-custodial seabed.

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