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Mechanical beauty is too precise operation of the hand-polished movement, unfortunately, this beauty is often only in the table back to see. In order to make up for this regret, Hublot replica watchmakers painstaking research hollow-style watch production. Hollow movement technology was first born in the eighteenth century French Enlightenment period, through the open dial allows the wearer to appreciate its internal movement structure and operation of the United States. (Watch model: 515.CM.0140.LR)

The traditional hollow movement technology is to manually remove the movement of non-essential parts and non-rotating components, and in the hollow part decorated with engraved patterns, to decorate. This hollow movement is built on the basis of the standard movement of the production, limiting the movement of the more possibilities of design. And Hublot replica uk to modern building design inspiration, the use of more modern way to make hollow watch, movement design and production from scratch, with a number of different effects and movement modification surface treatment process, retaining the aesthetic elements As much as possible to show the movement components. The integration of the series is the ship adhering to the “integration of art” concept, to re-interpretation of the history of modern craftsmanship of the tabulation process.


Integration of traditional and modern concept is also reflected in the assembly of the replica watches sale, part of the process, automation and semi-automatic technology can be better than the manual to complete the assembly. Hand part by the different watchmakers in turn completed, each watchmaker in the process of assembling the watch, must be on a link and their own part of the link to be tested to ensure that every detail of the watch are completely In line with the strict standards Hublot table.

To this section of the classic fusion series of Hublot fake watches to enjoy the space ship design. Cikuan watch beyond the beautiful dial is polished 45 mm ceramic case, with six H-shaped titanium metal screws black vertical satin ceramic bezel. Dial with sapphire material, so from its surface to glimpse its movement, the dial decorated with polished black embedded scale and pointer, 7 o’clock position with a small seconds.

Hollow movement design makes this replica watches uk is extremely slim, the thickness of only 2.9 mm.

After anti-skid texture of the crown easier to operate, the top engraved with Hublot classic logo.

Black rubber and crocodile leather strap with black PVD plated steel folding clasp, seamless with the whole watch.

This replica watches is not only a transparent dial, while using a transparent table at the end, any side of the movement to show precision, impeccable. Watch is equipped with a HUB1300.4 hollow manual winding movement, can provide up to 90 hours of power storage. Movement through the hair polished, hollow design of the movement is like a rich sense of urban forest, a mysterious unpredictable.

Hublot with a new concept of hollow, unique aesthetic design integration of the essence of historical tradition, designed to create a unique hollow watch. Watch double-sided transparent design allows the wearer to cheap replica watches the watch within the precision design and movement of the United States.

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