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Differences between the Chronomat and Navitimer

When Breitling 1:1 replica watches swiss first introduced the slide rule bezel in Chronomat in 1942, it was not a completely innovative feature. The unique feature of the Breitling sliding ruler bezel is that the brand combines it with chronograph complications.

In addition, High quality replica watches UKslide rule bezel is called Type 52. These two types of slide rule bezels are in two different models. Compared with Navitimer and modern Chronomat models, the early Chronomat had different numbers or units on external and internal scales.

Understanding the Slide-Rule Bezel

The sliding ruler bezel looks scary at first. It contains two logarithmic scales, an internal one and an external one. The outer scale rotates in both directions and the inner scale is fixed. Together, they can help the wearer perform various mathematical calculations.

So, for example, the Swiss movement replica watches numbers 25 and 250 are marked the same way on the slide rule bezel. Since this function lacks a decimal point, it is necessary to have a rough understanding of the answer when performing calculations.

How Pilot’s Might Use the Navitimer’s Slide-Rule Bezel

Pilots mainly use Breitling Navitimer Replica Watch to calculate things such as speed and distance. This will help them track important factors such as flight time, fuel consumption or wind influence.

Other Applications of the Navitimer’s Slide-Rule Bezel

In addition to these more detailed examples, you can also use Navitimer’s sliding rule bezel to perform various calculations. One situation is conversion. Navitimer 1:1 replica watches can help you convert miles to kilometers, convert Fahrenheit to Celsius, or convert U.S. dollars to Euros. We hope this helps you understand how to better use Navitimer and some practical applications where it can come in handy.

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