Mon. Sep 20th, 2021

The 41 mm Omega Constellation Gentleman’s Replica Watch features a unique combination of a metal case, a polished ceramic bezel and an integrated strap or bracelet.

Offering a variety of eye-catching dial and bezel combinations-the most eye-catching is red gold and blue ceramic-the latest Omega Constellation Replica is the most eye-catching of all recent models.

The appearance of the new Constellation is also slightly sporty, which is very attractive, which is no different from the early attempts at sports Constellations.

In sharp contrast with the frosted case, the smooth ceramic changes the appearance of the watch. Now, the Roman numerals on the bezel are engraved with Omega Replica proprietary Ceragold or Liquidmetal ceramic composite material, and then polished to form a smooth, uninterrupted surface.

The ceramic bezel is matched with a 41mm case, which is the largest men’s constellation today, although the 39mm gentleman’s copy watch is still in the catalog. Although the high-end 41mm diameter sounds good, the watch should be worn smaller due to its short and angled lugs. The 39mm model already feels smaller than the actual size.

But it also has more practical functions. One is an independent hour hand, which is very useful when traveling because it can change the time zone without affecting the previous time setting.

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