Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

This new version is made of AG 925 silver dial and high-contrast PVD-coated blue elements, echoing other previous versions of Omega Replica Watches UK, such as Speedmaster CK 2998 LE. It also uses a similar blue and white story and adopts a cheerful blue. The color panda dial contrasts sharply with the black and white “comic” aesthetics of the 45th anniversary edition of the Silver Snoopy Award released in 2015.

Since 2015, Omega has made impressive technological developments. This new silver Snoopy Fake watch makes full use of all these elements-from the new chronometer-certified 3861 caliber chronograph movement to the laser Ablative 9 o’clock pointer. The finish of the Snoopy medal is very clear.

Then there is the Naiad lock bottom cover, which cleverly preserves the orientation of the sapphire crystal, and Omega Replica uses microstructured metallization on it to depict Snoopy in the command module orbiting the foreground satellite.

When the Cheap Omega Replica is running, Snoopy actually rotates around the back cover-his space capsule is visible above the lunar surface for exactly 14 seconds, and then disappears behind the gray surface, thanks to the manipulator cleverly hidden in the lunar pattern Behind.

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