Best Fake Breitling Navitimer 1 Chronograph 41 Watches Sale

Breitling holds no punches with a slew of new surprise releases, giving enthusiasts some much needed breathing room after the release of the Navitimer 8 Collection with the Navitimer 1 Collection this morning. The 43mm and 46mm models were still a bit larger and more contemporary than I think a lot of enthusiasts might have expected. Fret not though, Breitling releases 4 more models to the Navitimer 1 Collection that channel some vintage aesthetics, and measure in at a more conservative size. The Breitling Navitimer 1 Chronograph 41 Replica Watches UK is not only smaller, and dare I say realistically sized, it comes in a little bit cheaper than its larger B01 counterpart.

I’m going to come straight out with it – the Cheap Breitling Replica Watches Navitimer 1 Chronograph 41 does a fantastic job of channeling the Navitimers of an older era and fit cleanly and fantastically into the new collection. Where its older brother gives the Navitimer a bit more modern appeal, this watch taps into a vintage vein that I feel will resonate with a more hardcore set of Nav-Heads.

The single toned dial with just the texture to separate the sub-dials takes me back to the earliest releases of the Navitimer with the size to match. I’m a little disappointed in the 6/9/12 register layout instead of the traditional 3/6/9 of its great grandfather, but I can’t fault Breitling Replica Watches too much, as I suppose the watches need to have their own DNA – you know, with the re-work of the collection and all.

I think these will definitely appeal to fans of the Navitimer that don’t want to strap a shiny UFO on their wrists.

Pilot’s Watch Lineup (IWC, Breguet, Breitling replica)

What an amazing week it has been in Rio. American Michael Phelps ends his record breaking career with 5 Golds and 1 Silver at Rio 2016 (an unprecedented 23 Olympics Golds lifetime total) and superstar sprinter Usain Bolt of Jamaica last night won his third consecutive Olympic 200m sprint, which in addition to his third consecutive 100m Gold, gives him a “triple double” and a shot at an unprecedented “triple triple” if the Jamaicans can pull off a Gold in the men’s 4×100 relay this weekend. But enough about that, let’s get to some replica watches.


With the Games of the XXXI Olympiad approaching their end, its about time for everyone to head home, and most will be flying. Which, along with the fact that today is National Aviation Day, brings me to this week’s “Buying Time” lineup, pilot’s watches. Most watch enthusiasts will at some point in their journey covet this type of watch. Like many styles in watchmaking, there is no strict definition of what makes a watch a “pilot’s watch” but certain characteristics do stand out: large cases (better visibility) and large crowns (for handling with gloves on) come to mind in a historical context, whereas useful features such as digital LCD displays with flight timer and alarm functions represent the more modern version of pilot’s watch technology. For me it is simply comes down to “knowing one when I see one” and that’s what we’ve got today. Check ’em out.

IWC Big Pilot IW5004-01


Asking Price: $7,995

46.2mm steel case, automatic mechanical IWC replica cal 51110
For me, IWC is often the first that comes to mind when I think of a Pilot’s Watch. The first Special Pilot’s Watch left the IWC factory in 1936. It was the start of a special relationship between IWC Schaffhausen and flying. Just four years later came the 52-calibre T. S. C. Big Pilot’s Watch, the first observer’s watch with a case measuring 55 millimetres in diameter and an instrument-inspired appearance. Its design was to provide IWC with the inspiration for the Mark 11, produced from 1948 onwards. This, the best known of the Pilot’s Watches from the Schaffhausen-based manufacturer, was originally built for the Royal Air Force and has been in constant use for more than 30 years. In 2003, IWC launched the first Pilot’s Watch series named after the legendary British aircraft, the Spitfire. Since 2006, IWC has unveiled a series of Pilot’s Watch special editions in honour of the outstanding books and life’s work of the French author and pilot Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. In 2007, for the first time ever, a watch bearing the name TOP GUN joined the IWC Pilot’s Watch lineup. In 2012, IWC’s year of the Pilot’s Watches, the TOP GUN collection became a dedicated line in the Pilot’s Watch family. For the first time ever, it included the Miramar models with their authentic military design. This IWC Big Pilot’s Ref 5004 in many ways represents the quintessential Pilot’s watch. The Ref 5004 was replaced in 2016 by the Ref 5009, though the differences between the two are fairly subtle.

IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph IW3717-01


Another great pilot’s watch, but with chronograph function. The Pilot’s chrono 3717 has been replaced by the ref 3777, and again the differences are fairly subtle.

Breitling replica Cockpit B50 Night Mission VB501022/BD41


Asking Price: $5,750

46mm titanium case with black finish, quartz multifunction caliber
This Breitling Cockpit 50 quartz multifunction watch on rubber strap perhaps speaks to the more pragmatic pilot’s watch buyer. The Breitling Caliber B50 powers both an analog and digital-display specially developed for aviation. It’s 46mm titanium case with black finish makes this the “Night Mission” version. Great look, great functionality.

Breguet Transatlantique Type XXI Flyback 3810ST/92/9ZU


Asking Price: $7,650

42.5mm steel case
More known for its tourbillons and elegant dress watches, Breguet is an esteemed brand that makes some great Pilot’s watches. This Breguet Type XXI flyback is one of those pieces that has been (and remains) on my personal wish list. It has a great classbical style and of course top notch Breguet craftsmanship. There’s also Type XX and Type XXII watches made by Breguet, but unfortunately Breguet does a bad job of explaining the differences between the pieces on its website — a real opportunity missed, if you ask me. But the short of it is that the Type XX was designed in the 50s for the French naval air army. The “type” was actually a French military procurement specification rather than a specific model or brand name. One key specification for these aviators chronographs was the flyback function or “retour-en-vol” as it is noted on the dial of this cheap replica watches. If you didn’t know, a flyback chronograph is one in which you can press the reset button while the chronograph is running to instantly restart the chronograph timing. Rather than the “stop-reset-start” sequence of a typical chronograph. Basically the flyback permits for more accurate timekeeping in certain circumstances, relatively speaking. Google around and you can find some much more detailed breakdowns of the “Type” series.
That’s all for this week. Have a great weekend!

Patek Philippe replica 570 And Rolex Sea-Dweller

Adjusting the month of July, we have ten cheap replica watches available to be purchased for the current week. We have an incredible choice, with an accentuation on chronographs, some cool dress watches, and a couple of good full-sets. Perused on to see what we have in store for you.


A 1950s Komet ‘Esquinas Tantos’

Komet is likely a brand that you have never known about, however we couldn’t avoid posting this exquisite travel timepiece. Dating to the 1950s, the prime of glitzy air travel, this two-tone steel and pink-gold plated watch can monitor time in five time zones all the while. Each of the four auxiliary dials has a 24-hour track with a solitary hour hand that is balanced by the comparing pusher set for the situation band of the watch. This watch is super cool and unquestionably justified regardless of a more intensive look. Click here for the full posting.


A 1960s Patek Philippe replica Reference 570

The Patek Philippe replica watches reference 570 resemble the huge sibling to the reference 96 (or more youthful relying upon what you look like at it). Measuring at 35 mm – versus the 31 mm reference 96 – the 570 is the somewhat bigger and more present day vintage Calatrava, making it unbelievably alluring. The yellow gold rendition we have here is in awesome condition and is a quintessential dress watch. Here are the deets.


A 1970s Rolex replica Sea-Dweller Reference 1665

Ok, the Rolex Sea-Dweller, AKA the celebrated Submariner. You can’t beat this jumping watch, with its profundity rating of 2000 feet (610 meters) and the precious stone without an amplified date gap. Notwithstanding, the coolest part about this case is the Mark 2 “rail dial” with augmented moment files, much the same as the pined for Comex form. In the event that you need to discover more, snap here.