Rolex Milgauss cheap replica watches green and blue

Rolex Milgauss’s legend begins with a unique and rare lightning-shaped second hand. This exotic design is one of the easiest and most popular features of the early Rolex anti-magnetic watch, not only by the original target community, , But also for the Milgauss series of new products to attract more fans.

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Milgauss watch with lightning-shaped second hand and is still retained. But in the second iteration, Ref. 1019 using a straight needle design, consumer interest on the Milgauss watch gradually subsided, resulting in Rolex final decision to stop production. In the UK, retailers find it hard to find buyers who use the Milgauss watch as a bargain for selling other more popular models. Yes, at some point, you can start with a very low price Rolex Milgauss watch.

Just as soon as possible, Milgauss watch seems unpopular, but those days have passed
Back to history
Milgauss Ref. 6541 watch came out in 1956, equipped with soft iron inner shell, is the first exposed in a strong magnetic field environment can still be accurate when one of the watch. In fact, Ref. 6541 is the second Milgauss watch, the first is Ref. 6543 (aside number). Ref. 6543 production is very small, and with the follow-up model is almost no similarities.
Initially, Milgauss’s design was very similar to Rolex’s another professional model of submarine type, the latter known for waterproof, rather than anti-magnetic. As with the submarine type, Milgauss is equipped with a stainless steel oyster case (technically biased), marked scale bezel (which can be rotated), bubble time scale (specific position), and perhaps (the eyes of collectors) the most important – A single row of red letters showing the name of the watch.

An early Milgauss Ref. 6541 watch
And early Rolex diving watch, the original Milgauss watch nowadays most valuable. Not because Milgauss is one of the earliest mainstream anti-magnetic watch, but because it is rare rare. In fact, Milgauss’s case ratio and overall design have been approaching the perfect, the baptism of precipitation increasingly taste. Moreover, it is also an important part of Rolex’s history.

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The Milgauss watch is designed and manufactured by Rolex and is tested in the 1,000-Gaussian magnetic field at miles from the watchmaking plant. Participants were from the European Nuclear Research Organization (CERN), who had the smartest mind in Switzerland. Before belonging to someone else, the Milgauss watch is their first.

A Milgauss Ref. 1019 watch, with straight needle design
In the 20th century, Rolex only Milgauss watch for an important iteration, that is, the 1960s launched Ref. 1019. Milgauss Ref. 1019 made a lot of improvements, the most obvious is the smooth bezel, the new pointer and time scale. The second hand to use the vertical design, red tip echo single row red word “MILGAUSS”, this improvement is very critical. Ref. 1019 is divided into two dial style (excluding fluorescent material without test models), black or silver, are no longer using honeycomb pattern decoration. Although Ref. 1019 is 38 mm in diameter, it is graceful, but it has never really been found. In 1988, Rolex finally gave up production.

Modern Milgauss watch (and Z-Blue light blue watch)
Milgauss Z-Blue electric blue watch gives the new look
After removing it from the catalog for nearly 20 years, Rolex re-launched the Milgauss watch in 2007 and made a brave decision (and perhaps had). For a long time, Rolex is good at making subtle improvements and is known, the brand to choose a most simple product, and add fresh color to it. New Model Ref. 116400 Returning to the flash-shaped second hand design, neat but slightly cool case with bright orange pointer, minute track and hour scale are also decorated in the same color. Perhaps the most controversial change, was undoubtedly the introduction of green sapphire crystal. Rolex called it “Glace Verte” (green glass), and claimed that the brand has no patent, because this material is too difficult to manufacture.

From the pointer, dial to the mirror, this watch almost every element has a shining Guanghua
Then, in 2014 Rolex added blue dial models, which makes many people lost their reason. For the first time, Milgauss watch can not only retail, but also appear in a higher level channels. All of this is because of the blue dial, Rolex called it “Z-Blue”.

Oyster bracelet both drawing and polishing links

Case showing elegant curvature, and polished by polishing
Need to be clear that this watch and other Milgauss Ref. 116400 technically no difference. The watch is equipped with the traditional 40 mm Oyster Case (polished) and 904L stainless steel oyster bracelet (fusion drawing and polishing), equipped with independent Caliber 3131 movement, through the Swiss precision time test center (COSC) With Parachrom gauze (made of niobium zirconium alloy) and paramagnetic escapement wheel (made of nickel-phosphorus alloy), to ensure that the anti-magnetic properties. Caliber 3131 automatic winding movement power reserve of about 48 hours, for all modern Milgauss watch (and the new air-armed watch) to provide power.

This is a downright, rugged Rolex Oyster watch
Dial configuration changes are minimal. In fact, Rolex has done a little improvement on a solid basis. The rod-like time scale, Chromalight fluorescence (adds another subtle hue), bright orange minute tracks and “Milgauss” words are preserved. The new watch and antique watch are very different, but it seems more popular.

Milgauss Z-Blue light blue watch with screw-in crown, waterproof up to 100 meters
Milgauss Z-Blue watch only, the real novelty lies in the dial. When the watchmaker wants to change the taste, the blue is a very convenient choice. It is more common than traditional black, white and silver, more casual, but not paranoid weird. But this blue is a bit unusual, because it comes from Rolex, Rolex to develop and implement their own code of conduct. In fact, this is a metallic blue, depending on the light and the angle of the different, satin dial blue will change green.

Why is the antique Rolex replica collection is still full of risks? The modern Rolex is not a problem?

Today, I would like to share with you a few stories, some in the cheap replica watches industry in the past to be known things, some of my own things. Through these stories and my limited experience to tell you why the antique Rolex collection is still full of risks. At the same time, modern and should pay attention to what Rolex.
Dial only “ROLEX” line of the word 6240.


Antique Rolex Quotes opaque, mainly by the identity of guess?

The first story is about a Rolex replica 6240.6240 is a Rolex antiques in a model. 6240 is the Rolex Daytona replica Paul Newman 6239 to the “modern” Rolex Daytona transition of a model, 6240 and 6239 difference is that the 6240’s timing button starts with a locking function. This is the main technical difference between the two models of Rolex Daytona. In addition, the two watches there are some details of the different, but the details of the differences have some problems. Standard Rolex 6240 dial will be marked with ROLEX / OYSTER / COSMOGRAPH from top to bottom three lines of words. The Rolex 6239 dial will have several different types, one of which is the dial only ROLEX line of words. Antique collection is rare, the less valuable things, suddenly one day, there was a very unique 6240. This unique 6240 dial only one line of words ROLEX (standard version is three lines), which was originally should not appear in this type of watch. As a result, this is a only line of words, but also with a time button locked Daytona 6240. Collection sector instantly boiling. There is no doubt that this table only momentary value soaring. This may be the only “line-by-line” version 6240.

Standard Edition Rolex 6240, visible dial on ROLEX / OYSTER / COSMOGRAPH three lines of words, and the above “line of words” completely different.
But at this time, there has been questioned the voice. Because the logically speaking, this disk should not exist, a line should only appear in the 6239 on. Even more embarrassing is that the Rolex official will never come to identify the true and false watches. So people began to guess. The view is that this table is likely to be in the production of 6239 disk surface mounted on the case of 6240, because this has occurred. There are also views that this watch is to profit from the auction or privately modified department. This table only true and difficult to distinguish. In fact, when the “line of words” 6239 also do not distinguish between true and false, until people found a Rolex ads appeared on a “line of words” 6239, so that the true identity of the watch proved. The only “line” 6240 is no conclusive proof of identity. Everything is just speculation, everything is guess.

Known as the “black ghost” Rolex 6263, visible on the dial without red DAYTONA words.

The second story is, in 2014, the emergence of a unique Rolex Daytona Paul Newman 6263. This 6263 black face Daytona 6263 disk is very special. Under normal circumstances, 6263 Daytona at 6 o’clock 12-hour timer will have a DAYTONA above the words plate. But this black face 6263 does not have this DAYTONA words, so this watch is called “black ghost”. At that time, only the “Black Ghost” 6263 value reached nearly 50 million. Similarly, the true identity of this watch can not be verified. The view is that this table is the latter part of the disk is artificially modified. But also by those who want to get profits in the auction. But we can not completely negate, this is a true original Rolex 6263. Obviously, we still rely on guess.
Standard Edition 6263, visible disk on the obvious DAYTONA words.

The third story is what I saw. Although the domestic secondary market watches and clocks are the major transactions are popular watch models. But occasionally can see some special watches, such as some antique Rolex. Rolex replica watches is one of the largest watch market transactions, so basically all of the modern Rolex watches have a transparent market. It is impossible and there is no question of the sky asking price. But the antique Rolex is not the same. Antique Rolex is nothing to refer to, and the antique table with the product phase as the most important factor, product phase, the original degree determines the value of the watch. The product phase is not a standard thing, the original level of the average person is difficult to judge. I have seen a 1019, which is the previous generation MILGAUSS, asking price is extremely high, more than the major auction house auction records, such a table should not buy, dare not buy? For the general watch lovers, of course, is no.

Rolex previous generation MILGAUSS, 1019.
Antique Rolex is a popular collection, many people know that profitable, false, for parts, assembly, it is difficult to distinguish between ordinary people. Such as Rolex Paul Newman is the most popular antique steel workers, the market in the RMB 500,000 yuan. There are many foreign stocks valjoux72 movement with the assembly of fake Paul Newman, some people fooled. All of the above examples tell us that the collection of antique Rolex is still full of risks.
Modern Rolex Why is not the problem?
Although Rolex is one of the two giants, but compared with Patek Philippe, Rolex production is enormous. So the circulation in the world a large number of Rolex. In some casinos Rolex can convert directly to cash, and is only the Rolex has this privilege, the other watches do not. Why is the collection of antique Rolex is full of risks, but the modern Rolex problem is not too great? Because the modern Rolex great circulation, already have a well-known transparent market and rules. Any one Rolex basic we can easily grasp its market. Of course, there will be a slight price fluctuation, but the market is very stable.6152
Rolex 16610 and 116610 seemingly very similar, but in fact the watch configuration is different, there are relatively large market differences.
A look at the model, the basic price will be able to know how much money, auction secondary market almost how much money. In turn, one to see the price, you can know which specific model, such as 16610 or 116610, everything is very transparent. Therefore, the sale of Rolex will not be like a small minority table, there is no market reference, pricing, discount, trading prices will be erratic, people are not sure (many high-end niche is a non-market price). Any deal with Rolex who will never put a modern Rolex out of its own range of prices, the market we all understand, no one can not follow the routine “out of the card.” So you will not buy “special expensive” Rolex, of course, will not buy “particularly cheap” Rolex. This is in fact the most powerful place of Rolex.

Rolex 16610 (left) and 116610 (right), through the time scale, bezel these details, or can distinguish between old and new generation of water ghosts.
So what needs attention?
Now we are exploring is the Rolex table, excluding the false category. A large number of worldwide circulation of modern Rolex is actually not much problem. Table is true, because senior watch enthusiasts pick up a rogue about a fake Rolex can know it is false, imitation of imitation and then imitation, but also imitation movement. Rolex 3135 movement and imitation of the ETA movement, Citizen movement has a completely different characteristics, adjust the time, shake can distinguish (watch business people, sell a false form he can not be based in the circle ). I want to share with you below is the Rolex table in the need to pay attention to some of the problems.

Typical rear drilling Rolex 116710, gem quality and mosaic level far and can not be compared to the original.
The first is a modified Rolex, some Rolex will be modified in the private diamond. Rolex replica watches because of the high price of drilling, especially bezel diamond. Some people put the model does not wear a circle, put on a gem ring or set a circle of precious stones. These after-drilling (later diamond-studded) Rolex in the secondary market a lot. The people who buy and sell Rolex will tell the buyer is after drilling, but if you catch a do not understand it? Just looking at the cheap … … because after the drill Rolex one to the mosaic level and a huge gap between the original, and secondly, Rolex is not connected aftermarket. Not only Rolex, all the tables after drilling I think are not worth buying. (A lot of people who buy after drilling is mainly to 70,000 tables to wear the feeling of 700,000).
Rolex bracelet chain links are often one of the key to Rolex transactions.

The second is for the chain. Because some people bought a Rolex cut after the strap, cut off after the cut-off section of the chain chain lost. After the table once again in the market circulation, because the chain before the cut short, many times the seller will go to the collection, with the chain. There have been, after the allocation of links in the fake chain of things. Until the replica watches was sent to labor only to find. Therefore, Rolex watch chain length to ask (cut off the bracelet to stay good).
We can clearly see the Rolex’s mirror is protruding from the bezel.

The third is a very easy to bump the place, need to pay attention to check. Rolex replica mirror is raised to the table than the circle in a circle. Raised the table mirror is very easy to knock, knock on the left a pits, has become a Mishap. Scratches on the case can be polished to throw away, the mirror can only change, change the mirror is not cheap, if you run into the green glass that is not cheap. So take the Rolex first touch the mirror around the table, feel there is no smooth place. Not smooth place under the magnifying glass, is a small pit. Glass is not to buy a Mishap, seems to be cheaper now, in fact this table has not yet put on hand, you have lost thousands of the. Coupled with the subsequent if the hands of the discount again, this a small pit will let you lose a lot.

Rolex three pure dress replica watches recommended

In order to show the dignity of the identity, in the wrist watch, many people will directly choose a well-known high-end brand Rolex replica, after all, brand Niubi, explain the low cost thing. In fact, the choice will find that most of the watch bracelet Rolex is a metal bracelet, when installed is not suitable for wear. But for the dress with a leather strap watch is a small number, then the following replica watches uk editor to recommend three suits with a formal dress Rolex Celini series of watches.

Rolex Celini Series 50519 watch


Watch series: Celini
Watch diameter: 39 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18k white gold; round arched triangular pit pattern double outer ring
Waterproof: 50 meters
Watch Comment: In fact, this series of watches is to the Benvenuto Cellini and the Renaissance Pope and the king’s sculptor and goldsmith salute, Rolex engraved with the name of the master watch series. The watch’s blue dial is a Celestine calendar type of radiation pattern, traditional yet modern. The hour markers on the dial are divided into two minutes by minute track, the minute track to the center of the dial, close to the end of the pointer, the hour markers and Rolex crown logo are made of 18ct gold. Plus a suture line of the fish scales scales crocodile leather strap, simple and elegant lines and colors with the perfect, making the whole shape of the watch detail are beautiful and beautiful. Watch equipped with 3165 models of self-winding chronograph movement, power reserve up to 48 hours.

Rolex Celini Series 50515 Black Dial Watch


Watch series: Celini
Watch diameter: 39 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18k rose gold, polished effect, arched triangular pit pattern double outer ring
Waterproof: 50 meters
Watch Comments: Each Rolex watch is a perfect combination of professional technology and sophisticated technology. In order to maintain the beauty of the watch, Rolex in its foundry to create 18ct eternal rose gold, and for this pink alloy patented. Made of 18K rose gold case, with polished effect, coupled with arched triangular pit pattern double outer ring, horn-type hanging on the chain crown, a Rolex replica watches logo, styling on a unique. Black dial with a decorative pattern of radiation, calendar display set at 3 o’clock position, paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring. Watch equipped with Rolex 3165 type self-winding mechanical constant movement, accurate and reliable, plus or minus two seconds per day or less, power reserve 48 hours, water depth of 50 meters.

Rolex Celini series 50519 white disc watch


Watch series: Celini
Watch diameter: 39 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18k white gold, polished effect, arched triangular pit pattern double outer ring
Waterproof: 50 meters
Watch Comments: Rolex has a dedicated casting, the development of high-quality 18ct gold alloy. The Rolex Series 50519 white disc watch, dial decorated with silver radial pattern, and the above paragraph blue dial with the same purpose, the same decorated with suture lines of the fish scales scales crocodile leather strap, showing the most pure The traditional style. Round arched blue crystal mirror under the silver dial, with the pointer calendar display panel located at 3 o’clock position, by constant swing put Tuo for two-way self-winding, with the right suits, it is particularly noble and elegant. Watch equipped with Rolex 3165-type movement, movement into the case, the time error of not more than two seconds. In addition, this series of cheap replica watches by the top of the Observatory precision timepieces, by the Swiss Precision Time Testing Center (COSC) certification and in the assembly after the Rolex certification.
Summary: After all, the relentless pursuit of perfection, Rolex fake has always insisted, so in detail, is bound to excel. Do not worry about wearing a dress when there is no suitable Rolex watch with a series of Celini is a correct choice.