Rolex Sea Dweller Reolica

Rolex Sea Dweller Reolica Jacques Piccard Special Edition

It is $265 on

Rolex Sea Dweller Reolica
Rolex Sea Dweller Reolica


Name:Rolex Sea Dweller Reolica Jacques Piccard Special Edition

Movement: Kinetic (Automatic)
Quality: Japanese Miyota
Case: Ion-plated stainless steel case
Back: Ion-plated and stainless steel push-in back with Rolex engraving
Bezel: Ion-plated cutwork bezel with minutes and seconds marked by luminous indexes and Arabic numerals
Crown: Ion-plated cutwork crown with Rolex logo
Bracelet: Ion-plated link bracelet with Rolex engraving in the interior of the glidelock clasp and a Rolex logo on top
Band Type: Stainless Steel
Watch Clasp:
Glows in The Dark: Yes
Glass: Sapphire Crystal
Band Color: Black
Dial Color: Black
Gender: Men
Diameter: 51 x 43 mm
Bracelet Length: 192 x 21 mm
Case Thickness: 18 mm

Rolex Sea Dweller Reolica
Rolex Sea Dweller Reolica

It is $265 on , If you linke it ,click here to buy.

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