Swiss replica watches

Swiss replica watches parts almost made in China

Swiss replica watches
Swiss replica watches

According to the Federation of the Swiss replica watches industry statistics, at present has become the third largest export destination for mainland China Swiss replica watches, Swiss exports from the mainland on 2011 Chinese amounted to 1636000000 Swiss replica watches francs, an increase of up to 48.7% over the previous year.

At the same time, more and more tourists come to Switzerland to buy Table Chinese. The Swiss Federal Bureau of statistics, China tourists in Switzerland in 2011 the most purchasing power of foreign tourists, the daily per capita consumption amounted to 350 Swiss francs,while European tourists daily per capita spending only between 120 – 240 Swiss francs. Manytourists China told reporters, buy watches is one of their aims to Switzerland tourism.

Interlaken in Switzerland, the size of table stores packed with China tourists, a shop owner told reporters, the local population of only 5000 people, but he hired 42 people from Chinashopping guide. Geneva some table stores are small, unable to accept facade tens of tenscale Chinese tours and distress.

Strong_begin very values? Swiss replica watches has become the ordinary consumer goodsstrong_end

The Swiss replica watch is regarded as symbol of many China customer success and status, there are a lot of Chinese agree a popular saying: Swiss watches can hedge, value-added. But the Swiss industry gave this statement cast a cold: now most of the Swiss watch is the consumer goods in large-scale production, is not a suitable investment products.

Whether can watch value, appreciation? Some watch with a specific time stamp, is the collection value. Some brands only a dozen unique production technology limited, the pursuit of excellence in technology in order to highlight the image of the enterprise, these watchesusually early buyers booking, have certain value to the collection. That is to say, content with rare for expensive.

But now most of the Swiss replica watches does not have such a scarcity. According to the reporter, a luxury brand watches, 20 year yield less than 10000, now the annual output of 60000 pieces;a highly sought after in Chinese Swiss high-end brand annual yield even more than one million, ten years down the market ownership will reach 10000000 yuan. Manufacturers suchsprint in output is no longer rare precious, what words? How to realize the value added,watch?

Insiders also reminded that, many Swiss replica watches manufacturers are often in advertisingexaggeration to claim to be a hundred years brand, but in fact the hundred years continuousuninterrupted production of the Swiss watch companies are rare. Swiss insiders told reporters, in the past, the watch is handmade, Seiko secret agents, the condensation of bloodand wisdom watchmaker, more like crafts; now, watches industrial production, become the ordinary consumer goods, the price will be decreased with the increase of yield. Therefore,the purchase of Swiss replica watches consumers should be more rational and calm.

Strong_begin “Swiss made” OR strong_end “China manufacturing”

The Swiss replica watches industry there is a default argument, five times the average retail price ofwatches is equivalent to the cost price, the price of 2000 Swiss replica watches, cost about 400 francs; and the higher the price of watches, the cost price is likely to be just the price of 1/8 to1/10. Reporter recently learned from the industry, a yield of only 20 pieces of limited watchespriced at 280000 Swiss francs each, but in fact the cost price of 30000 Swiss francs.

In addition, in fact many marked “Swiss made” watches, watchcase, watchband exterior partsare China manufacturing “”. A well-known steel strap watches produced in Switzerland each cost 300 to 400 Swiss francs, from Chinese purchasing cost only 40 Swiss francs. Some Swiss replica watches companies from China imported parts, is an open secret in the industry.