The use of Tudor movement Breitling replica is a kind of watch?

Not long ago, I used a number of articles to introduce you to the Tudor and Breitling exchange movement of the situation, and sort out the history of the rudder of the outsourcing of the use of movement to prove that the use of Breitling Dili Ling movement in full compliance with the history of Tudor tradition The We can see that in this incident, almost all domestic reports and analysis are concentrated in the Tudou body, but few people concerned about the situation of Breitling. I think this is not reasonable, so I want to do today, is to show you, this cooperation in Breitling situation, since we are already familiar with the Tudor’s Heritage Black Bay Chrono chronograph (using Breitling B01 movement), then we To see, the use of Tudor movement Breitling is a kind of watch?

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First of all, we all know that Breitling for the Tudor provided a self-produced B01 chronograph movement, and Tudor for the Breitling is provided for self-produced MT5612 automatic winding movement. The use of Tudor movement watch is a hundred years of super marine culture diving table.

Breitling produced in 1959 super marine diving table.

History of the super ocean and modern new super marine culture diving table contrast.

Our impression of the Breitling is usually based on the image of the flight chronograph, such as the navitimer chronograph. But in fact, Breitling diving watch has a long history, if we are not entangled in the minutiae, Breitling Super Ocean can be regarded as Rolex and Submarine, Omega Hippocampus 300, Blancpain 50  the same period the fourth largest professional diving table. Although the first diving table for the history of the problem has been controversial, but the conclusion is nothing more than the same period of Rolex, Omega, Blancpain three diving tables, and 1957 appeared in Breitling super marine diving table is also clearly in diving (And the Omega hippocampus 300 was born in the same year), and have all the characteristics of the modern diving table, such as rotating bezel (one-way rotating bezel at that time is Blancpain’s patent, other diving tables can not be used), luminous high Visibility, high water resistance and so on.

I usually in the market common Breitling super marine diving table.
We can not deny that today, Breitling Super Ocean in the professional diving watch on the influence of less than Rolex water ghost, Omega hippocampus, Blancpain 50. But this does not prevent Breitling Super Ocean to play its own cost advantage. Whether in the store or in the secondary market, we can be a very reasonable price to get a very high degree of recognition, strong resistance to the Breitling diving table. Although the Breitling diving table before all the use of ETA movement, because Breitling with the Observatory certification, which let Breitling in the movement does not exist any lack (I always think ETA is a good movement). But we can also see, compared to the Rolex Shui Gui 3135 movement, Omega hippocampus 8500/8400 movement, Blancpain 50  1315/1150 movement, only only Breitling Super Ocean use the general movement rather than Self-produced movement. This makes Breitling Super Ocean in the movement configuration on the lack of some technical characteristics. And from the current point of view, to ETA-based general movement, the biggest problem is the power short. In other autonomous movement power can often reach 60,70 hours or even 120 hours or so, ETA movement only 40 hours or so. Centennial with self-produced B01 chronograph movement in exchange for the Tudor MT5612 movement, completely help the Breitling to solve the movement problem.

Breitling new B20 automatic winding movement, this movement from the Tudor, is the Tudor MT5612 movement of the Breitling version.

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Here I would like to show you first, Breitling version of MT5612 movement and Tudor original movement is different.

Breitling introduced Tudor MT5612 movement, the movement will be named B20 movement. Breitling and Tudor two brands of positioning is different, from the public price point of view, Breitling table more expensive than the Tudor, so Breitling movement on the movement and the Tudor will be different. Tudor because of positioning problems, need to control the cheap replica watches price, so the Tudor will not exercise too much decoration. Tudor own MT5612 movement in the movement of the plywood is no decoration polished, because the Tudor and Rolex, mostly mostly close (except the North flag), so there is no problem. Although the Breitling Super Ocean is also close, but Breitling on the B20 movement (Breitling Edition MT5612) carried out some of the traditional decorative polished. By contrast we can see with the Geneva stripes version of the Breitling than Tudor version of a lot of gorgeous. Also worth noting that the Breitling version of the B20 movement did not use silicon gossamer (Tudor used MT5612 with the use of silicon gossamer). So there are views that Breitling’s ability to prevent magnetic worse, in fact, in daily life, this is not much difference, because the conventional mud Valkers alloy gossamer itself also has a certain anti-magnetic ability (although containing a small amount of iron). We can see, Breitling in the case of the watch is still on the movement of a good modification, and not directly with the Tudor version of the movement, which is very conscience. And the new movement 70 hours of power, but also let Breitling in the diving watch movement configuration no longer have any short board. At the same time as in the past, this movement also with the Observatory certification.

A little contrast, Tudor MT5612 (on) and Breitling B20 (under), we can see, Breitling movement has a certain decorative polished, Tudor movement is more simple. In addition, the Tudor movement is the use of silicon gossamer.
Using the Tudor New Movement of the Breitling Super Ocean includes two sizes, 42mm and 46mm. There are blue, brown, black versions. After using the Tudor movement, the new super ocean has a thickness of 14.35 mm. Compared to Tudor ax needle 41 mm size, 14.8 mm thick case, the new version of the super ocean but thinner. Taking into account the Breitling has always been the use of Milan metal chain, we can predict, Super Ocean will have a good wear experience. And we usually see Breitling different, this only super marine culture diving table “tool sense” is not so strong, although it is a tool watch, but a sense of luxury is relatively strong.
Breitling use the new B20 movement (Breitling Edition Tudor MT5612 movement) of the super marine culture second generation diving table.
And Breitling use the same movement of the Tudor new ax needle black bay diving table.

We can see that now diving table more fire. From the hot level, Rolex water ghost first, the store is often out of stock, the secondary market price is relatively high (sometimes can reach the level of steel 50). After the devil in the second fire diving table is 50 . Although the price is more expensive, but because the brand value and watch configuration is relatively high, buy a lot of people. Dress up the new B20 movement Breitling Super Ocean’s biggest advantage or in the price. Because Breitling itself in the country itself is relatively small, will not appear wolf more meat less, no one will take Breitling to speculation, so Breitling diving table regardless of the price or secondary market prices are often in a relatively low position. But the quality of the Breitling watch itself is very high, especially after the change of the new movement.

Breitling Navitimer replica GMT Aurora Blue

Breitling’s post-Baselworld 2016 rollout of new models continues with a new, all-blue, limited-edition version of its iconic Navitimer pilots’ watch, The Breitling Navitimer GMT Aurora Blue is equipped with the brand’s in-house Caliber B04, which pairs a chronograph with a GMT indication.

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Breitling Navitimer GMT Aurora Blue – front
The first Breitling Navitimer was launched in the mid-1950s as a watch designed specifically for pilots. It bore the logo of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) and became the group’s official timepiece. The circular slide-rule bezel — still a hallmark feature in contemporary versions of the Navitimer — allowed pilots to make critical calculations such as fuel consumption, distance traveled, and rate of climb/descent. A “Cosmonaut” version of the Navitimer accompanied Scott Carpenter on Aurora 7 in 1962, making it the first wrist chronograph in space.

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The new Aurora Blue version of the Navitimer has an extra-large 48-mm stainless steel case with a curved, glareproof sapphire crystal. The predominantly blue dial has a discreet sunburst pattern and tone-on-tone subdials for the chronograph readouts (30 minutes at 3 o’clock and 12 hours at 6 o’clock) and small seconds (at 9 o’clock). The date — with white numerals on a blue field — appears in a window at 4:30.

Breitling Navitimer GMT Aurora Blue – reclining
The cheap replica watches contains Breitling manufacture Caliber B04, which combines a 1/4-second chronograph with an easy-to-use dual-time-zone indicator. To adjust the main hour hand to the local time, the user simply pulls out the crown and and turns it in either direction in one-hour increments, without causing any loss of precision in the minutes hand; the date also moves backward and forward automatically as the local time zone changes. In the meantime, the red-tipped GMT hand indicates the time in the wearer’s home time zone on a 24-hour scale, thus making it simple to determine whether it is day or night. The self-winding movement has a 70-hour power reserve and boasts, like all Breitling movements, a COSC chronometer certification.

Breitling Navitimer GMT Aurora Blue – dial CU
The Breitling Navitimer GMT Aurora Blue is limited to 1,000 pieces and comes on a dial-matching blue rubber strap with an aircraft tire-tread pattern; other rubber and leather strap options are also available. It retails for $9,290.

Cheap Breitling replica Chronoliner B04 Chronograph

Breitling Chronoliner launched a new limited edition, equipped with Breitling homemade B04 movement, not only has a very convenient and practical dual time zone system, but also because of its distinctive blue “armor” and particularly eye-catching The Unique and eternal classic design, so that this prestigious aviation chronograph watch blooming a new charm.

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The Chronoliner not only has the precise and excellent automatic chronograph movement, but also equipped with 24 hours second time zone display function, and the same 24-hour scale, can clearly read the third time zone of high-tech ceramic rotation Bezel, to help the wearer to accurately measure the flight time, easy to deal with anywhere in the world long-distance flight, worthy of the “pure captain special cheap replica watches.”

Today, Breitling for this highly acclaimed watch series add special version of the table section, equipped with user convenience is particularly outstanding Breitling self-B04 movement. This outstanding engine “engine” developed and produced by Breitling itself, with the Swiss official Observatory Certification (COSC), and because of its highly functional dual time zone system is known.

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Wearers only need to pull out the crown, the hour as a unit forward or backward rotation, you can adjust the main time to the local time, did not affect the minute hand travel time accuracy, the date can also be synchronized forward or backward automatically adjusted. At the same time, the second hour with a red tip continues to indicate the time of residence in 24 hours, and can easily distinguish between day and night.

In order to further highlight the extraordinary characteristics of this original high-performance watch, Breitling stainless steel case and blue bezel and dial design integration, and in the dial with silver cumulative timer. This new watch with Aero Classic classic classic rubber strap, embossed patterns reminiscent of the last century 50-60 years Breitling steel braided bracelet chic design.
Like all other Breitling fake watches and watches, the flight flight B04 chronograph (Chronoliner B04) is designed to support high-intensity use in the most demanding environments with its exceptional performance characteristics. Rugged case, waterproof depth of 100 meters (330 feet), the arc sapphire crystal mirror by double-sided anti-glare treatment, super anti-planing ceramic bezel supplemented with star design to enhance operational performance, even if wearing gloves can also be manipulated freely.
Breitling Air Flight B04 Chronograph (Chronoliner B04) table surface decorated with a unique iconic Breitling girl pattern, and engraved with “Special delivery” words. This new watch the global limited edition of 100, only around the world about 50 Breitling replica watches boutique exclusive sale.
To a unique and eternal charm style, dripping interpretation of Breitling spirit of aviation.