Panerai replica Radiomir 1940 series of moving dual time zone watch

Since 1940, the Panerai RADIOMIR 1940 series began its timepiece creation. Although the design is often innovative, but the pillow case, the apparent design of the ear and the crown and other series of classic elements has continued, forming the most attractive features of this series. Pei fans are brand and large, and the type of Pei Fan children are deeply attracted, born with the soldiers tough guy style and can not stop. In the design of unique, created a legendary era belonging to Panerai replica. This year, the new RADIOMIR 1940 series re-set sail, heritage brand series of traditional features, to meet the modern men’s aesthetic trends, to create this only type of Panerai Radiomir 1940 series of moving dual time zone watch. (Watch model: PAM00658)

Classic heritage, the era of innovation

The first Panerai RADIOMIR 1940 watch
In 1940, the Italian Royal Navy brought a new challenge to the Panerai Sea: it must be able to withstand the longest test of the worst conditions underwater. This means that the watch must have a strong anti-fatigue. Based on this requirement, a new watch came into being, that is the first Panerai RADIOMIR 1940 watch. One casting and reinforcement of the two ear brand technology, fully meet the military demand for Panerai watch manufacturing. The Panerai Radiomir 1940 series of dynamic dual-zone watch case design, is faithfully presented Panerai fake uk  in the 1940s for the Italian Navy commando designed this classic watch.

Brand series classic design case

Watch case display
45mm AISI 316L stainless steel case, showing the atmosphere and type of men’s charm. Inheritance brand classic pillow case, for the watch to add a brand unique charm. After polishing it, showing a clear color of pure steel bright colors, looks very attractive.

Watch dial show
Using black ruled embossed decorative dial, not only beautify the dial and with the case side by side, highlight the overall beauty of the cheap replica watches. Another date display, small seconds and power storage display function and black dial to form a strong color, whether in normal light or dark night, still clear and easy to read.

Watch luminous effect display
Large rod-like and digital time-scale surface coverage Super-LumiNova® luminous coating, even in a dark environment can also watch the watch time and other display. Yingying green embellishment dial, in the night issued a dream light, very beautiful.

Watch crown display
Polished steel material crown, smooth lines, beautiful and generous. Using non-slip texture design, feel good is not slippery, to protect the fake watches uk precision debugging. Crowned on the crown of the Panerai classic logo, full of brand atmosphere.

Simple, smooth debugging operation

Watch function board display
5 at the time of the dynamic display is to distinguish it with the PAM00628 the most important features of the fine type of it also has two very practical device design: First, the first device to pull out the crown can stop the balance wheel , And the second hand to zero. Second, the second device can adjust the local time, the control clock to the hour and time to adjust independently, without interfering with the minute hand or affect the watch operation, and can automatically adjust the date.

Watch movement show
Watch with back through the design, through the sapphire crystal glass can clearly see the movement of the operation, add spectacular. Equipped with P.4000 self-winding mechanical movement based on the development of P.4002 movement, with eccentric pendulum Tuo can swing two-way, with two connected barrel, to ensure that power storage for up to three days. In addition, the new movement has a unique device, so that the adjustment time can be suspended balance wheel, to ensure accurate time. And equipped with double support the balance wheel plywood to make it more stable. Watch has a 72-hour power reserve with a 100-meter waterproof rating, show excellence and extraordinary watchmaking process.

Watch strap display
Watch with a brown leather strap, soft texture, wear more comfortable. Strap to connect a stainless steel needle clasp, to protect the replica watches uk in the wrist safe, not easy to fall.

Watch the overall display
Summary: As a story, there are values ​​and range of Fan Haihai replica watches uk one of the classic money, it also has the most charming charm of the brand. Is the classic elements of the city and the tough combination of military tough style. The improvement of the movement, making the type of its rich content, showing the most unique modern men’s attraction.

Panerai replica PAM 001312

Panerai in May this year, DIVE INTO TIME exhibition, launched a new P.9010 movement, there followed more than just a new replica watches, including four stainless steel models and an innovative carbon fiber material the PAM00661. Among them, stainless steel models, respectively, with a white dial PAM01523 (42mm), PAM01499 (44mm); with a black dial PAM01392 (42mm) and PAM01312 (44 mm) of; and the other a full-numerals design PAM01359. Today editor will tell you this watch is PAM01312:


Panerai replica Luminor Marina 1950 PAM01312 watch


Traced the history of Panerai, appeared in 1993, was a sensation in the Luminor Marina limited edition watch, this series appears to be successful in the history of the first examples of the Panerai brand blockbuster, until today, Luminor Marina watch is still alive. While this new PAM01312 watch is based on the actual improvement from the old PAM00312, the model is also associated with (that is, by analogy PAM01523 PAM00523 upgrade).

PAM01312 and PAM00312 Case Comparison Chart


The new 1312 case had no small change, edit made above comparison chart (left: PAM00312, Right: PAM01312), it is clear the new watch has “weight-loss success.” Both watches have adopted the 44mm case diameter, thickness and equipped with a new P.9010 movement of 1312, only 15.6 mm, thinner than the old section 312 of 2.3mm, weight is reduced almost four percent of the way table ear becomes more slender.
In addition, this watch Panerai watches are all with the same strain, 316L stainless steel case with casting, with good corrosion resistance, diameter 44 mm, waterproof 300 meters, with a large black leather strap, while accompanied by one made of stainless steel needle clasp.

4393 4394

PAM01312 and PAM00312 dial comparison chart


In addition a change is made on the dial adjustment, from the comparison chart, the earlier dial 312 using a green luminous coating, and the new 1312 using beige, at the six o’clock position also increased ” words Automatic “; in addition, there is the biggest point difference is that 1312 is equipped with an eye-catching blue second hand, which I do not know how many blue touch people’s hearts to be crazy.

4397  4396
In the 1312 classic black sandwich dial, time scale main location has a large digital display and baton markers, 9 o’clock position with a small seconds, then 3 o’clock position with date display window, filling the classic Pei Daytona style.

Watch style sheet is a transparent bottom shell design, through the sapphire crystal glass and polished tender clearly see the effect of the internal structure P.9010 movement, Panerai While this new movement was born in the year organized exhibition DIVE INTO TIME , the new design brings more accurate time-keeping.
Time P.9010 self-winding mechanical movement with a basic display, date display and three days moving storage function. Movement diameter 13¾ fractionation, thickness 6 mm by 200 parts, including 31 jewels. With support arms balance cock supporting the vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour (4 Hz) of the balance wheel, pull out the device is connected at the crown can suspend the operation of the balance wheel, so cheap replica watch to adjust time in perfect sync with the time signal. In addition, P.9010 movement means mounted independently to each cell one hour before and after the move the hour hand, the minute hand will not be affected, easy adjustment. This function is to make the transition area or winter time change especially convenient, but also can adjust the clock and automatically correct the date display.

The new P.9010 movement PAM01312 the achievements of the new look, the more thin case and more details of the improvements that have made this watch has an extraordinary temperament and style, I believe that every love Panerai table fans will be more attention to stay on this watches replica.

Panerai Replica Watches UK

Panerai Replica Watches UK

Panerai Replica Watches UK
Panerai Replica Watches UK

Many Panerai Replica Watches UK brands have their own loyal fans community, but few can match the panerististrong dedication, Panerai Replica Watches UK meet regularly for 13 years on the independententhusiasts groups, online forum to share their passion for the brand Replica Watches UK and honor limited edition watches and reward their most loyal supporters.

Panerai Replica Watches UK, called Panerai reference 19403 days – “paneristi 47mm” and labeled with pam00532forever (paneristi to PAM number refers to the watch movement), the reference of 1940 cases of DLC coated steel. The types of cases as transitional original reference and luminorwere the same, the large diameter 47 mm, the first prototype of the same 1936 panerai. Mattblack DLC (diamond-like carbon) case is a Panerai watches the first reference 1940.

Simple black dial with Panerai Replica Watches UK landmark “sandwich” structure and function of a second subdialnine. In six place is a visual nod Panerai history for Italy Navy commandos a vendor tools: a link to Corsa Siluro a relief image, “human torpedo” commando underwater tasks, and in theirwrist wearing new products.