rolex replcia
rolex replcia

The first point: cal.3135  Rolex Replica core configuration details refer to

Cal.3135 as the core of  Rolex Replica, its stability is in doubt, the movement straight Rolex what core diameter of 28.5 mm,6 mm thickness, the swing frequency of 28800 times per hour, power reserve 31 rubies, 50 hours, instantaneous calendar, four arm Glucydur alloy wheel, a weight of 4, of which 2 can be adjustable weights, Breguet type springshock absorber, kif. Cal.3135 assembly in the  Rolex Replica most single calendar Mens  Rolex Replica watches, for example, the famous 116610LV (green ghost) is equipped with automatic movement cal.3135.

 Rolex Replica core cal.3135 second: paper

Cal.3135 the machine parts are about 195, Cal.3135 is the predecessor of the cal.3035 movement, compared to the cal.3035 core, cal.3135 made some small changes, bridge balance plate consists of a single fulcrum becomedouble fulcrum, more conducive to the stable operation of the balance. The internal movement of the lever escapement, the escapement wheel and wheel. Note that the wheel diameter and the wheel gear is the same, the escapement that can greatly reduce the power consumption. Automatic winding movement has a unique system of  Rolex Replica movement in the red, the red wheel TEFLON spraying process, corrosion, abrasion resistance,reducing friction performance. Below we take to a movement assembly drawing. The chart above we can see the top of the 2 golden gear. This is the stop device, when you pull out the time to stop by the crown wheel. Two wheel plate adjusting screw to adjust the balance of swing.

 Rolex Replica core cal.3135 third points: material analysis

We know that the movement accuracy in addition to design movement itself is core and the material has a certain relationship. Now  Rolex Replica cal.3135 movement of the balance wheel hairspring without using PARACHROM hairspring,made of niobium, zirconium and oxygen alloy consists of a  Rolex Replica  exclusive. This spring is not affected by themagnetic field interference, still maintained a steady state in the case of temperature variation, at the same timethan traditional hairspring anti force 10 times higher.

What is movement of Rolex Replica
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