Breitling replica watches coveted among collectors

Breitling watches are not really coveted among watch collectors. They certainly manufacture good watches, but no watch collector would describe Breitling as a typical “watch collector’s watch”.


They feature too many (actually almost exclusively) oversized sports models, with great focus on the design. They do have manufacture calibers, which is why a watch collector might consider buying one (I did myself), but in general, they aren’t as well-regarded by the watch community as other brands in their price range. They are also known for having a comparably bad value retention.

The most coveted watches among watch collectors in the price range of a Breitling are Omega, Rolex, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s entry-level models, IWC, and smaller brands.

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Notwithstanding, almost every watch collector will agree that Breitling is an exceptional choice if you are looking for aviation watches. But, in general, they are not the most coveted ones.

Breitling is nowhere close to be classified as coveted among watch collectors. The few coveted brands are Patek Phillipe, Rolex, JLC, certain IWC and Omega models. That being said, not that Breitlings are bad watches but IMHO they certainly are not in tune with the modern style or design cues. I may get lot of flak for making that comment but I am entitled to my opinion.



Mechanical movement: For the major part, Breitling fake uses chronometer grade ETA movements. ETA is a mass movement manufacturer. For watch collectors, sophistication in movement is a must. There are few exceptions but in-house movement is a big part to watch collectors.
For the major part Breitling watches are oversized and huge where most of the respected cheap replica watch companies stick between 39.5mm -43mm range. They certainly appear sporty but not elegant or timeless or classic.
Breitling watches do not retain much residual value and there is no appreciation of values.

Why are Breitling replica watches coveted among collectors?
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